It has not been a myth anymore that what are those such effective ways which help you increase engagement on Instagram. But due to fierce brand competition and stern market you have to be more active and attentive for ultra-smart strategies.

No wonder engaging more and more audiences can get you to increase in potential customers as well as help brands to boost sales. Similarly, the frequently evolving algorithm on Instagram is the key factor, making companies/brands seeking new ideas for engaging content through which they get new customers.

Likewise, we also brought some unique ways to help you increase engagement on Instagram. Let’s get started with some great ways which would definitely help you reach out to new customers.

Most Effective Ways to Increase Engagement on Instagram

Attractive Instagram Bio

Although we start with the most usual one it is pretty important as it is the first thing people would notice about you and if it is interesting and exciting enough people will have to click the follow button. A good Instagram bio is the one in which you explain your core business to your target audience directly.

You need to use 150 characters prudently which can attract the attention of both customers and potential clients. In case of any issue, you can go to a social media advisor.

fun posts conversation games

Fun is the major feature that attracts attention; try to use it in your Instagram posts and stories. If you think you are funny with a great sense of humor then use it in any way you want. You can even get great results by sharing your utmost fun moments.

buy 50k instagram followersSimilarly, likes and comments are the forms of appreciation from the audience so never overlook them. Always address the comments you receive and do comment on the back. It’s a must thing that doubles the engagement in no time.

Instagram stories

Stories on Instagram offer you the best way to interact with the audience. You should use stickers with story content, which surely gets you much more. As your most engaged fans would be able to see your recent stories on their feed so you can easily locate them without hassle.

Always use new stickers as Instagram introduces new stickers every month, in this way you will be able to easily interact within your community.

Hashtags are must

Right hashtags play a vital role in increasing your organic reach ten times or maybe more. More users will be able to interact with you and your content by using the right hashtags. According to the content you created you should use most appropriate hashtags.

There is a tip from expert revolving that use less popular hashtags, this helps you rank high within hashtag browser, which benefits you in many ways.

However, you can use more than 30 hashtags but using 28 hashtags is a recommendation. You have to use hashtags that directly relate to your business type or content you are sharing.

Determine post schedule

Many surveys and studies conducted on the social media posting time showed there is the best posting time that can make a difference. However, there are no rules that you have to post at this time or you cannot post every day or anything like that.

All you should do is maintain posting frequency as it counts and make a big difference. Choose the schedule or plan according to your ease and comfort.

Share your Instagram story’s feed post

Instagram uses an advanced algorithm, which makes it enough difficult to have your post showed at your followers’ feeds. In this case, sharing your feed post to Instagram stories will be of great help as a souvenir of fresh content.

User-Engaging Post Works

You need to be honest about your brand; it’s a major trend of 2020 and all set to become even stronger in upcoming years. There is a huge market of businesses and brands trying to go onboard with their customers one-on-one and also showing their most real, honest, and vulnerable side.

Interact with your audience more through campaigns and various small and big contests.

Engaging Captions

No matter what engaging caption is all you need for your post? It is totally up to you if you want to use small caption or long try to make it engaging, you can even go for your views, opinions, experience, or talk a bit about the controversy, etc.

Although the character limit is set with 2200 that can easily make an exciting/aspiring story.

Use Vertical Post Images

Content images cropped into squares are not in trend anymore. There is the option of posting scaled content so you should go for a vertical scale image as it fits well with almost all audiences’ screens.

Tag Location & Tag Others

Tagging others in an Instagram post is not new but what blunder we usually make is just tagging others in our captions. That’s not happening friends. Tagging others in your captions would automatically generate the smallest notification which can be overlooked easily. It will be great to tag others in your videos/photos also don’t forget to mention them in Insta stories.

buy-followersEither for stories or feed posts never forgets tagging your location. This process is extremely helpful and beneficial especially for local businesses or local catering companies.

Uniqueness Attracts Attention (Be Creative)

Even after so many strategies content is the major kick. Don’t go for random niche; choose your most favorite niche in which you have sound knowledge which helps you create a quality post. Be creative in your style and try to create an engaging post that compels users to share it in their stories or with others through DMs.

Wrap up

If you use all such strategies wisely there is no way you cannot see the great result coming your way. You have to be patient and avoid rushing yourself, it may kickback. However there are some people considering buying 10k followers and likes in the beginning, which might ruin the whole game, try organic start.

Patience and consistency are all you need for this as content performance will need some time to pick up a good pace, no matter fast or slow stay consistent!